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Understanding Defi and Play to earn NFT games

Understanding Defi and Play to earn NFT games

Numerous GameFi efforts use Defi industry ideas to reward gamers. Yield farming, liquidity mining, and staking are all ideas that everyone with Defi experience is familiar with and maybe leveraged to generate passive money from blockchain-based NFT games. If you’re new to Defi, you may read our introduction to learn about it and the ideas that overlap with GameFi.

Axie Infinity and Top GameFi are two instances of blockchain-based play-to-win NFT games that make use of functionalities more often associated with Defi.

Although the first GameFi products were built on the Bitcoin blockchain, the bulk of modern blockchain-based NFT games is hosted on networks that allow smart contracts. Ethereum was the first of these and remains the most popular with both developers and users.

Understanding Defi and Play to earn NFT games

On the other side, Ethereum places a premium on decentralization and security above speed. Due to the limited amount of block space available in Ethereum, users seeking the shortest settlement times must actively push miners to include their transactions. When demand exceeds the available block capacity, transaction costs skyrocket, ultimately pricing some users out. This presents a problem for developers of blockchain-based NFT games looking to generate money. If the bulk of a player’s actions requires an enormous transaction fee, the game will simply never reach the user base of popular play to earn NFT games.

As a consequence, many developers are migrating away from Ethereum’s fundamental layer in favor of faster, higher-capacity networks. Several instances are as follows:

• Polygonal Network 

• Solana

• Polkadot

How to get started playing blockchain-based NFT games for money

Each game built on the blockchain is unique. As a consequence, we can only provide basic guidelines for getting started with GameFi. For more complex help, we recommend consulting the game’s manual.

To get started, create a web 3.0 wallet.

Understanding Defi and Play to earn NFT games

Unlike many of today’s most popular online applications, the bulk of blockchain-based play to earn NFT games do not need a traditional username/password login. Rather than that, the game authenticates the user with a Web 3.0 wallet.

The wallet required to play will vary depending on the network on which the game is hosted. To play Axie Infinity, for instance, you’ll need a Web 3.0 wallet that supports Ethereum, such as OKEx Wallet or Metamask.

Acquire any essential items for the game.

Numerous blockchain-based earn to play NFT games need you to own one or more in-game assets in order to participate. For example, in order to play Axie Infinity, you must have a minimum of three Axis in your Web 3.0 wallet.

Other titles may need the purchase of an in-game digital currency. In many cases, you may acquire these currencies directly from or inside the game.

Log in with your Web 3.0 wallet credentials.

The majority of today’s popular GameFi make money NFT games may be accessed directly via your browser. As a consequence, you must join the activity by logging in using the Web 3.0 wallet you already established.

To do so, go to the game’s website and look for a wallet link. Your wallet will urge you to validate the action by associating your signature with a message from the site. The wallet automatically produces the signature, which you may verify by clicking the Sign button.

As previously indicated, your Web 3.0 wallet will act as your account, with any progress being maintained through your wallet. Additionally, it serves as a storage location for your stuff, and depending on their compatibility, any assets stored may be used to play the game.

Decentralizing GameFi by using DAOs

Historically, the development of video NFT games for money has been very centralized. A studio will design, produce, and publish a game, in addition to being exclusively responsible for future updates. On the other side, several GameFi efforts seek to empower players with decision-making authority.

This is achieved by using a decentralized autonomous organization. Token holders may make and vote on ideas for project updates in a DAO. Often, these suggestions will have a direct impact on the title’s financial viability. For example, as a promotional strategy, the DAO may elect to increase the prize for completing a certain action inside the game.

To become a member of a GameFi DAO, you must first obtain the project’s governance token. Frequently, the number of tokens a member has is exactly proportional to his or her voting power. In essence, when it comes to steering the direction of a project, the largest stakeholders have the loudest voices.

Certain NFT games that need play to earn have their own built-in DAOs. Alien Worlds is an excellent example of a videogame with several chains. Six DAOs symbolize separate planets in the science fiction massively multiplayer online role-playing game (aka MMORPG).

Contrary to popular belief, many GameFi DAOs are not title-specific. Yield Guild Play to Earn NFT games and similar initiatives seek to commercialize various blockchain-based play to earn NFT games for the benefit of its players. The main DAO and title-specific sub-DAOs of YGG pool in-game assets, enabling players to integrate them into other NFT games and generate cash for the collective.

The future of games

Despite its roots in the early days of cryptocurrency, GameFi is just now getting widespread use. The success of Axie Infinity, one of the niche’s flagship play to earn NFT games, reflects the niche’s growth successfully. In August 2021, Axie Infinity became the first blockchain game to surpass $1 billion in total token sales — one-fifth of which occurred in a single week — and currently has over a million daily active players.

While early blockchain-based play to earn NFT games were not widely successful, the technology and our understanding of it have improved to the point where new GameFi products are getting a large following. According to several industry insiders, gaming is the most likely route to widespread blockchain adoption. Click here to read about the List of 5 Most Popular NFT Games.

Understanding Defy and Play to earn NFT games

Over a billion video gamers already understand the principles of finite digital commodities, tokenization, and in-game money intimately. Meanwhile, blockchain technology benefits these participants in a number of ways — both financially and in terms of the growth of a title. As a consequence, it’s easy to see GameFi encroaching on the $175 billion global video game market.

Indeed, the Blockchain Game Alliance, a non-profit committed to increasing awareness of GameFi, already has an impressive list of members, including prominent game studio Ubisoft and chipmaker AMD. Indeed, in May 2021, Ubisoft announced that GameFi will be the subject of its sixth Entrepreneurs Lab event.

Given the success of Axie Infinity and the expanding number of blockchain-based play to earn NFT games now under development on a range of different blockchain protocols, GameFi certainly has a bright future ahead of it. However, no one can predict how this future will unfold. While many of the topics discussed in this article will definitely remain important in future GameFi releases, the fast progress of blockchain technology today means that new breakthroughs are occurring on a near-daily basis. Numerous these advances will surely make their way into video game revenue-generating titles, bringing innovative and fascinating means of selling new experiences with them. Visit to read more about Rising of play-to-earn blockchain games.

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List of 5 Most Popular NFT Games

List of 5 Most Popular NFT Games

NFT stands for the standard Non-Fungible Token. It refers to the increasingly popular cryptocurrency system profiting from games. The use of NFT is presently causing a revolution in many industries, especially the gaming space. As the players enjoy playing the NFT games, they can also earn financial rewards.

This system also organizes some rewards that attract so many young people. However, this article discusses some of the most popular NFT games that should catch your fancy. In addition, the online gaming market comes with increasing popularity and reward.

Moreover, many NFT gaming projects now prefer to tokenize their game assets to become usable for crypto deals. At the same time, these new NFT games come with tradable collectibles in the form of cryptocurrencies. 

Axie Infinity

The Axie Infinity belongs to a group of decentralized strategies that allows game users to breed, collect and trade axis, which is fantasy creatures. The game’s major meme is Pokemon, where the game centers around preparing axis for battle.

The battle is usually against a Chimera creature in a digital pet universe known as Lucia. The Axies Infinity universe is a peculiar feature of this NFT gaming system with four crucial attributes, namely;

  • Health
  • Morale
  • Skill, and 
  • Speed

Each of these attributes determines the role of the Axies during the battle. Another feature of the Axie Infinity NFT game is breed Axies with Small Love Potions (SLPs), increasing the NFT base.  

The player can earn SLP to win battles or buy them on decentralized exchanges like the Uniswap. Like other NFT games, Axies Infinity and other NFTs are available for purchase in the NFT games market or other online popular marketplaces like OpenSea.

Furthermore, the NFT gaming system allows the allocation of virtual spaces to users. For instance, Axie Infinity sold nine plots of land for $1.5 M in their planned virtual area. In addition, several crypto-based NFT games can rake in thousands of users within a week.

So rare

So rare is a football-based game for playing fantasy football with digital cards. Each team comprises five players with a reward system based on these players’ real-life performances. As it stands, So rare is one of the bestselling NFT games in the market. 

No doubt, football itself is the most popular sport on the planet. The Sorare rides on that to motivate football fantasy players to earn while playing. In addition, the game allows football fans to assume the role of the team manager and then make tokenized football cards.

There are two common categories of trading cards available for users in the different leagues: the Common and the Tokenized cards. The standard cards refer to the cards you earn at the beginning of the team-building process.

On the other hand, tokenized cards have three qualities: Rare, Super Rare, and Unique. In supply, the caps include 1, 10, and 100 units for each player in the Unique, Super Rare, and Rare categories. Mind you, the tokenized cards are usable when competing with other users in superior leagues.

More so, you can even use some of these acquired cards on marketplaces where ETH, for example, is acceptable. For instance, a Cristiano Ronaldo unique card was sold for over $100K weeks ago. Therefore, the tokenized cards have official licenses with more than 120 different clubs, including the Italian giants, AC Milan.

F1 Delta Time

Like So rare is for football, the F1 Delta Time is for Formula One game lovers. Users can participate in racing tournaments. This time, the players will be using digital collectibles such as trinkets, cars, car tracks, tires, and drivers.

This NFT game comes in different qualities of the racing system, which are minted in tiny amounts. At the same time, these collectibles are also tradeable in rarity tiers that could be Legendary, Epic, Common, or Apex. At the same time, users can purchase these Token using REVV, which is the native utility token.

While the Token can be used during tournaments, players also have a secondary option of NFT marketplaces. However, in these marketplaces, players can potentially make profits from the trading. In which case, the F1 Delta time is an excellent NFT gaming system for outstanding representation of the Formula One game. On the other hand, crypto lovers can rake in millions in gain.


Cryptokitties is the NFT game based on the Ethereum coin with a plot on the collection and breeding of digital cats. These two activities come with enriching adventures, such as creating your own group or cracking challenging puzzles.

There are currently over 50000 generations of these digital cats, known as cattributes due to their unique attributes. Also, the NFT game comes in different ages, starting with generation 0, which is the earliest and most expensive one. 

In addition, these digital marketplaces are available for users to buy, sell or even breed virtual kittens into cats. Since this NFT rave began with crypto kitties in 2017, it has not shown any sign of slowing down anytime soon. The crypto kitties transactions reach over $30K in value.

Evolution Land

The Evolution Land is a superior choice among the NFT games because it illustrates virtual reality. This NFT game is a cross-chain virtual business game for buying and selling landed properties. In addition, players can also govern their own space, develop buildings or cultivate crops.

The game has 26 different continents, each on a separate blockchain. And the target of the players is to acquire these plots of land in these continents, cultivate them or hire other users to mine the indwelling elements. Players can also construct different edifices.

NFT game players who choose Evolution land can also interact with the avatars known as Apostles. These Apostles are available for purchase during the game using the RING system. This RING is also the native utility token that users can raise to discover the rarer ones. 

At the same time, each Apostle contains a unique set of genes and talents for different abilities. Such skills involve healing, researching, fighting, and mining resources. Meanwhile, you can rent or sell the apostles in your possession to other users or deploy them for different tasks according to their abilities.  


Finally, this list of amazing NFT games shows both thrill and adventure who players who love to earn while playing games. In other words, the games do not just focus on virtual reality. They also translate them into real wealth for those who can learn to profit from them. Users with cryptocurrencies wallet such as Ethereum can win monetary awards and establish lasting wealth.  Click here to read about the 5 steps to NFT gaming and earning.

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