5 steps to NFT gaming and earning

5 steps to NFT gaming and earning

Nowadays, game lovers have taken a step higher in having fun and earning simultaneously. The reward may be directly or indirectly. NFT games have brought something exceptional to the gaming world at large. However, there are NFT games that are free to play. That is, there are NFT games that their reward is not accurate. What do I mean? There are some games that their reward cannot come out to life. The bonus is just in-game. But there is also an NFT game reward that can come out for real to add up to one’s income. 

Do you want to start playing games and earn? Do you wish to have fun alongside adding to your income? I want to assure you that this is the right place to get all you need. This article aims at helping you to know the necessary steps that you need to take if you want to play NFT games and earn.

It is expedient for you to know that the first thing to do is to download any NFT game of your choice that you want to play. Also, you should download games that you are very interested in. some NFT P2E games have to do with wars, battles, and fights. And some NFT games deal with collectible cards (card games). Whichever way, ensure that you choose a game that you know you can play very well. 

Friends, will you rise and do proper research on playing games and adding more money to your income? Will you rise and focus on how to bring the best out of yourself? If yes, then you need to shun all distractions right now and concentrate on the vital information that I will share with you here. NFT game P2E (Play-to-earn) is accurate. And countless people have made it, and some are currently making it big time on this gaming platform.

What are you waiting for? Here are the steps that you need to follow if you want to enjoy NFT games and earn some money;

  1. Download crypto wallet: I can boldly say that someone can’t earn on NFT games without a crypto wallet. In fact, some online NFT games will not add anything up to you as a reward if you don’t have a crypto wallet. The first step to take if you want the bonus that you’ll be getting from NFT games to come to reality, then opening a crypto wallet should be your utmost priority. After opening the wallet, the journey doesn’t end there.

There’s a need for you to attach or link your wallet to your game. Several people have failed in this area. They think they have successfully done earning in the NFT game without linking their crypto wallet. Connecting your game with your wallet is very important because if you receive any reward, it will not be in cash or anyone dropping money into your account. NFT tips come in cryptocurrencies.

  1. Choose a play-to-earn game: You will see the option on the games website. Of course, there are some NPF games that one doesn’t need to select either you want to play to earn or not. I mean, you will only play them and make. On the other hand, there are some NFT game website that you will be the one to choose if you want to play to earn or you want to play for free. Therefore, I urge you to check correctly and pick a play-to-earn game.
  2. Connect wallet to the game: I have said this earlier. It is essential to attach or link your crypto wallet to your game to receive your reward. Remember, all tips are in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Tron. 

There are some online NFT games that one needs to open a bitcoin wallet, and there are some that will request Ethereum wallet details during the process of registration. It is essential to link your crypto wallet to your game.

  1. Play the game and earn cryptocurrency or non-fungible tokens: This stage is essential. Now, you need to put effort into ensuring that you’re playing the game according to the laydown rules. Several people back off in this stage. They fail to play the game according to its laws. If you want to be compensated beyond imagination, you must go the extra mile. It is expedient for you to play the game skillfully and follow all instructions strictly. The more you win, the more you will be rewarded and compensated. Therefore, please permit me to tell you that this stage is crucial. That is why I encouraged you in my introduction that it is good for you to choose games that are related to the area of your strength and ability. If you know you can thrive in NFT games that have to do with fighting battles and wars, then stay focused on that, download games related to wars and fights. For those interested in card collectible games, I will also advise you to stay in that line. 
  2. Buy and sell on market places: this area is where people love to see. People are so much concerned about how cryptocurrency will turn into money. This is the final stage. The stage at which you can now trade or exchange your cryptocurrencies with other players. You can sell your in-game items in marketplaces for either cryptocurrency, USD, YEN, or any other currency of your choice.


With the above-listed steps, I believe you can now enter the world of play to earn gaming. If you follow the step provided above, you will join the league of those making a tremendous amount of money in the gaming world. Finally, I want to assure you that you’ve gotten all you need to pursue your dreams in the gaming world. Now, rise! You can read about List of 5 Most Popular NFT Games by visiting http://tabletopnow.com/list-of-5-most-popular-nft-games/

Posted by Alex Hitchcock