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We are tabletop fans, just like you. We enjoy tabletop games, and are always on the look our for new tabletop games, top tabletop games, and best tabletop games. Stay tuned for news about new releases, articles about the board game industry as well as guides to how to create and publish your own tabletop games. Some of the genres that we enjoy are cooperative, sci-fi and single-player tabletop games, in addition to the classic tabletop games.

About our Tabletop Gaming News authors

We are Max and Maria, a husband and wife board game designer team who love playing and reviewing tabletop and board games, especially collaborative ones.

We also made Treachery , an all new collaborative strategy card game pitting loyalists against rebels in space. Can be played by 1-4 players and takes about 30-45minutes. Suitable for all ages!

We also love travel, and puzzles.