Star Trek CCG – A fan-made custom print-and-play game

Whether or not you are a fan of Decipher’s Star Trek CCG from the 90s, this Star Trek CCG fan rendition should be exciting to Trek fans. I’ve taken a classic game and streamlined it, along with updating it to include fan renditions of the newest installment – Star Trek Discovery. It is a 2-4 player 20-30min long objective solving and ship battle game, that is available for print-and-play.

How to play

I give a quick overview in video form, but you can also download the rules and print and play below

Here are the rules of the customized game (click to expand) and the print and play cards follow below! Use our contact form to let us know if you have any questions!


These are the bases from which different collaboratives or affiliations can be played. You can track your scores here along clout, fuel and wealth.

Personnel and Ships (Part 1)

Bajorans, Borg, Cardassians

Personnel and Ships (Part 2)

Dominion, Federation and Ferengi

Personnel and Ships (Part 3)

Klingon, Maquis, Romulan and non-aligned/other factions


These are the challenges that you must solve throughout the play in competition with your opponents to score points. Some of them give you other advantages depending on the skills you use to solve them. Many of them offer two different options for skills which can be used.

Other card types

In the main deck, along with personnel and ships are Interrupts, Tactics and Equipment. In the Dilemma deck are Dilemmas, Artifacts and other cards with the Dilemma or Artifact icons on them.