September Kickstarter picks – 3 Indie Creators

A Universal Truth

It’s the Regency Era and you’ve set out to make the perfect match!  Search for a love who is enthralled by your accomplishments and is agreeable to your financial situation.  Forge good relationships with friends and family, and then secure lasting affection with acts of courtship.  Who will tie the knot first?

A Universal Truth is a strategic game of courtship set in the Regency era.  Features include dice and card drafting, hand and pool management, tableau building, set collection, multi-use card combos, risk management, asymmetric abilities and over 200 unique pieces of stunning artwork from the period.

Awkward Weasel

Awkward Weasel is an evil Russian roulette concept game that could possibly ruin your social circle. Once appointed, the victim must execute a ‘heart-stopping’ punishment. This punishment is made up of randomly matched Smack and Reveal cards.

The core of all awkwardness is the sending, posting or forwarding of Smack card content to Reveal card location. May the god of luck befall upon you as you recite your prayers and watch your friends cringe/swear/curse/rage about what they have done.

Cannibal Collective

“You have been invited to attend the annual initiation banquet of the worldwide secret society known as the Cannibal Collective. 

As is tradition, each initiate is required to provide their own feast comprising the 7 tastiest, most nutritious body parts. 

The first initiate to provide their meal, complete with Heart, Lungs, Eyeball, Stomach, Kidney, Body and Brain, will become a lifelong member of the collective. The remaining candidates will be eaten by a large group of ravenous cannibals.

Best of luck. Oh, also be careful of extenuating factors, you know, your Platypusses of Doom, Krakens, appendix explosions, surgical mix ups… that kind of thing…”