Magic’s latest set, Throne of Eldraine – dinner is served!

Evan Erwin of the Magic Mic’s podcast once said that in The World of Magic faeries are the Borg, or something to that effect. They are unstoppable in the collective form and have an answer for everything. Now they’re back in a big way with Throne of Edraine, Magic’s latest set featuring Grimm’s Fairy Tale themes (And quite a bit of Monty Python’s quest for the Holy Grail if I may say so).

The set will feature a couple of pre-constructed brawl decks ( light Commander but we’re fans of modern and Planeswalkers), One of which is led by Alela, who is essentially Vampire Nighthawk that is also a fairy, stapled to an Orcish Oriflamme, stapled to a Young Pyromancer, only better, stapled to a Powerpuff Girl stapled to a kitchen sink with a frog stapled to its face…  you get the idea. The power level seems quite high in the set, and not just for our dear sweet fae, Americas #1 choice for blue tempo decks 10 years running.

Other exciting new features include Food (some of it gingerbread, some of it just beans and crow), which you can sacrifice to gain life, or for things like growing giant beanstalks and leaving trails of blue bread crumbs that let you super-scry. WoTC, Almost 30 years in, seems to just be beginning to hit their stride. As a game builder and a person who has constructed a lot of fantasy magic sets of my own, I like the idea that magic is making forays into a range of different fantasy worlds. They’re doing cool things to personify characters from different legends, everything down to Hansel and Gretel with a classic storybook frame.

It will be exciting to see what follows, including a set that promises the ability to construct your own monsters within the next year or so! It’s an exciting time to be a strategy card game fan for sure!