Last Minute Reshoots

You are being considered to direct a multi-million dollar blockbuster and the project is SPIRALING INTO CHAOS! Use your improvisation, movie know-how, and negotiation to win the director role and make the movie a SMASHING SUCCESS, both at the box office and with the critics. But be careful not to go over budget and make sure you know your audience, because everything from genre, actors, screenwriting and stunts can make or break your movie.

You will need to both outmaneuver and win the votes of your fellow players and you all may play on-set disasters to sabotage each other’s projects. Media leaks, temperamental actors, expensive stunt fails and public outrage are just a few of the obstacles you will have to contend with.

Number of Players2 – 5 Players
Length10-15 minutes
AgeAll ages appropriate (10+ up)
MechanicsBluffing, Party Game, Mind Games,
Money Management, Betting, Card Driven
Negotiation, Press Your Luck, Social Deduction,