DunDraCon 2020 – San Ramon, SF Bay Area

DunDraCon 2020 is upon us. The premier annual Bay Area tabletop event happens Feb 14-17, 2020 at the San Ramon Mariott in San Ramon, CA. This is the West Coast’s premier game convention, featuring tabletop games, RPGs, board games, card games, miniature games, and more. There will be over 200 convention sponsored games. People of all ages are welcome here, with special rooms for teens and kids. TableTopNow will be at the convention, both in our capacity as a blog covering SF Bay Area tabletop news, as well as as game designers, and ardent players!

See below for the things you absolutely need to know!

  • Registration
  • Free Swap Meet
  • Protospiel /Playtests
DundraCon 2020

Registration Information for DunDraCon 2020

Online registration is now closed, but in-person registration is still available starting Friday and throughout the convention.

  • Full Weekend Registration: $70.00
  • One-Day registration: $40.00
  • Upgrade One-day to Weekend:$30.00
Courtesy of http://skullandcrown.blogspot.com/2017/02/breaking-lances-dundracon-tournaments.html

Free Swap Meet

Monday will feature a free swap meet for DunDraCon attendees. Bring your used games, related items and original artwork to Salon F-G on Monday morning. Many tables are available on a first come basis, and sellers have to show up at 8.30 to get organized. Convention attendees can start entering the swap meet room from 9pm to as long as interest lasts. There is no charge for participation for both buyers and sellers.

Protospiel at DunDraCon 2020

One of the unique aspects DunDraCon is the long running ProtoSpiel event. This is where dozens of game designers and many of them bringing multiple games. These are original game designs you can’t buy in a store yet. It will be a 4-day Protospiel game event with sponsors, prizes, and the chance for all DunDraCon members to test out great unpublished board, card and role-playing games.

We at Tabletop now will be playtesting two fun games – Rasta Kitties, a cute print-and-play about a band of gig-ing musician cats, and Last Minute Reshoots, a rolicking print-and-play card game where you manage a big-budget blockbuster movie whose director has just dropped out!


There will be hundreds of games available to play at DunDraCon, including the following list. Online Games Reg starts Feb. 1 and runs until 5:00 on Sunday Feb 16. At-Con Games Reg starts when pre-reg closes. Online Games Registration will be available for the run of the convention – you don’t have to leave your game to register for the next session, just use any web-enabled device to enter your choices, or even request a change to your previous choices.

  • 182 RPGs
  • 63 Board games
  • 10 Card games
  • 13 LARPs
  • 3 Historical Miniatures games
  • 3 Fantasy Miniatures games
  • 11 Sci-Fi Miniatures games
  • 1 Mixed-Genre Miniatures games
  • 5 Other games
  • 0 Seminars
  • 6 War College
  • 7 Kids Room
  • 14 Teen Room
  • 3 Open games
  • 38 Requested Games

More information

For more information on our games , please reach out to us via treacherycardgame@gmail.com

For more information on DunDraCon, please check out the official website