This small campaign was funded in 48 hours, but its not to late to back the project‘s stretch goals and get your own LGBT proud 5E supplement, with three one-shot adventures, three pre-made characters and tons more NPCs and themed items.

From the campaign:

D&D is an incredible game and a hobby which brings people together from all walks of life. I’ve always wanted to create a project that combines my twin passions of D&D and the LGBT community. Which is how Adventuring with Pride – an LGBT Themed D&D 5E Supplement – came about. Adventuring with Pride is a full-colour, 50+ page book for the 5th Edition of the World’s Greatest Roleplaying Game, available in both PDF and Hardback.

 We have commissioned some incredible artists for this project: Some pieces, including Vicki Mockery, are from the amazingly talented Abbigayle Bircham (@abbiesart on Twitter). Others are from the wonderful Katerina Gorinskaia (@leo_lenti_art on Instagram).

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