Accidental biggest dice roll ever!

Unlucky? Maybe, maybe not! But certainly the biggest dice roll ever recorded. On Friday, a truck transporting dice to Trivium Studios, an Atlanta based gaming company, met with an unlucky accident. About 216,000 six-sided dice meant for an upcoming game launch ended up spilled all over the highway. The company showed the spill in a video on Youtube.

“Well, if you ever wondered what $10,000 worth of dice, strewn across an exit off of I-75 looks like, here it is,”

– Trivium Studios Video

The million-dollar question – what did they roll? The video’s Youtube description takes an educated guess. “For the /r/theydidthematheth crowd and based on the probability that most two-dice rolls average out to 7, we statistically rolled around a 756,000! And the last dice picked up was a 6 (as seen in the video)”

A surprising number of video commenters were eager to have a piece of the history. Joe Little commented “When and where can we buy the special “crash test dice”?” Chris Babcock quipped “You HAVE to bag those and sell them as Road Damaged dice!!! People will love it!”